(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 3 – A previously unknown early play by the great 19th-century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi has been found in Naples and published for the first time.

The eight-page notebook in which a 16-year-old Leopardi wrote his observations on poetry, philosophy, politics and society also contains a list of 160 favorite authors, ancient and modern.

The authors are cross-checked by more than 550 numerical codes by the precocious youth, whose learning at a young age was prodigious.

The text was found in the Fondo Leopardiano of the National Library of Naples by Marcello Andria and Paola Zito, who edited a version for publication by Le Monnier Università.

“We have a text by Leopardi who just turned 16, a regular regular in his father’s library, who compiled a deep and extensive analysis of the Emperor Julian’s operas omnia,” the editors said.

Leopardi (1798-1837) is considered the greatest Italian poet after Dante and also one of its greatest philosophers, whose canonical works are studied in all Italian schools. (ANSA).