Making her case that someone else wrote Shakespeare, charismatic Irish actress and lawyer Rose Loughlin is hosting the Irish debut of her solo show ‘A Rose by Any Other Name’ at the Glórach Theater in Abbeyfeale on September 23-24 At 20 o ‘clock.

it shows Rose’s colorful journey of real-life experiences in her quest to find out who the real Shakespeare is?

From clues in Cambridge to proofs in Padua and validations in Venice, the show offers incredible insights, entertaining encounter tales and moving monologues.

The inspiration for the show is Rose’s passion around the question of Shakespeare’s authorship, a subject she became interested in by accident while studying classical theatre.

For further understanding of Shakespeare, she read about his background, but became fascinated by the weight of evidence in favor of an alternative candidate, Elizabethan courtier, poet and playwright Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford for writing plays and poems under the pseudonym William Shakespeare.

“Applying some analytical skills from my legal career to Shakespeare, I traveled to places associated with de Vere; where he was born, lived and worked, visited and died.

These journeys have been filled with magical moments and unexpected delights, providing ripe material for a show that I hope will spark intrigue and wonder,” says Rose.

As Rose hopes audiences can nurture their curiosity around Shakespeare’s authorship, his human story shines through, underpinned by universal themes of personal transformation and the joy of discovery.

For those interested in Shakespeare, “A Rose by Any Other Name” promises to challenge long-held perceptions and offers a whole new perspective. For those not particularly interested in Shakespeare, the charm and conviction of the protagonist’s performance might well arouse curiosity to find out more.

A Rose by Any Other Name is directed by Andrew Deering. Media tickets on request.

Tickets: €15 at the box office: 087 1383940 Website:

Twitter: @shakesmonologue Instagram: @shakespearedevere #arosebyanyothername