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10 Ways DC Hurt The Justice League

The Justice League is DC’s most important superteam. Made up of the publisher’s greatest heroes, the League has defended the DC Multiverse from every threat imaginable. Some of the publisher’s biggest stories have featured the team, and the success of their debut is what prompted Marvel to get back into the superhero game, putting the […]

African American Poets Make Appalachian ...

In 1991, South Carolina native Nikky Finney came to Lexington to perform at a poetry reading called “The Best of Southern Writing.” Before Finney, who is black, was added to the roster of artists, the event was called “The Best of Appalachian Writing.” Frank X Walker, a Danville native, British English teacher and former Kentucky […]

10 Comics You Didn’t Know Were Written B

Too often, comic book writers and artists don’t get the credit they deserve when their work is adapted for the screen. While Taika Waititi has been open about his inspiration from Jason Aaron’s run with Thor in particular, there are far too few names that would be recognized by the mainstream today. However, from time […]

What’s it really like to meet the Queen

Brearley was more likely than most to study the Queen’s methods closely. “Once I was invited to Buckingham Palace for lunch. There were only four guests, and one of the others was poet Ted Hughes. I had never met him before but I took him back to Lord’s to show him the place. Along the […]

A scientist starts writing fiction

Marulasidda Siddu Marulasidda Siddu NEW YORK, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — You almost never see someone in the scientific field doing creative work. This is because many perceive the two skills to be polar opposites. But trends are changing and people are exploring their many talents, no matter what field they work in. This […]

Best Juliette Binoche movies, ranked

french actress Juliette Binoche did it all: as the New York Times points out, she won an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a César, a Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival, and she even received a Tony Award nod after having performed in a Broadway play. Binoche first made her mark in her mother […]

New municipal magazine to tell stories o...

A number of local magazine workers are developing a new “reference guide” to culture in Hamilton, three years after a similar publication closed. Co-founder and publisher Jeff Martin says Hamilton City Magazine is all about filling a void for a “hard copy” of everything happening in Hamilton’s food, music, sports and arts scene. The vision […]

The New Yorker June 6, 2022

The New Yorker June 6, 2022 | the new yorker Reports More reports The critics Books The Revelations of Thom Gunn’s Letters The late poet’s letters are an introduction not only to literature but to the man himself. Books When Barbara Pym could not be published The English novelist was reaching her peak when publishers […]

New Video Game Asks: What If Jesus Was W...

Do you have a minute to talk about Jesus? You better take the time or the Inquisitors come to destroy you. Of all the journeys of classic heroes and epics that inspire the video games we love, spicy takes Jesus of Nazareth are few and far between. Naturally, this is a hot topic that is […]

British Actors Sign Letter Calling For M...

More than 100 actors and public figures in the UK have put their names to an open letter calling for better on-screen representation of older women, to help tackle “entrenched ageism” in the entertainment industry. Signatories include Keeley Hawes, Lesley Manville, Richard E Grant, David Tennant, Zawe Ashton, Meera Syal and Juliet Stevenson. In the […]

Radio Ceylon – the Sri Lankan channel In

New Delhi: Long before the era of podcasts and audio streaming, radio saw its own version of India’s cola war from the 1950s to the 1970s. One was hometown favorite, All India Radio (AIR) , who remains a mainstay on the airwaves to this day. But the other was a foreign radio service that managed […]

Actors Call for Better On-Screen Represe...

Actors such as Juliet Stevenson, Meera Syal, David Tennant and Zawe Ashton have called for better on-screen representation of women over 45 to tackle the “entrenched” ageism of the entertainment industry. In an open letter signed by over 100 actors and public figures, the Acting Your Age (AYAC) campaign has called for equal representation in […]

How Films Helped Incorporate Foreign Fol...

As we all know, India and the Indian subcontinent in general, is a land of stories. There are countless tales that we have heard from childhood and what is remarkable is that in many cases the stories have been absorbed into the Indian heritage of foreign kingdoms. For example, the stories of One Thousand and […]

In the Lakhnawi tradition, community har...

Lucknow: “How times have changed. The time when people lived in the greatest harmony and communal peace is over,” lamented Nawab Mir Jafar Abdullah, a descendant of Wajid Ali Shah, watching the news about the Gyanvapi Mosque affair, at his house in the neighborhood. Sheesh Mahal of Lucknow. Recalling one incident, the Nawab said: “Once […]

50 Greatest Indie Movies of All Time, Ra...

Audiences first noticed filmmaker Richard Linklater with his cult classic coming-of-age comedy “Dizzy and Confused” in 1993, but those in the know were already fans of him thanks to 1990s “Slacker.” his first feature film was technically “You Can’t Learn to Plow by Reading Books”, released two years prior, it was barely a movie and […]

Henry VIII at Shakespeare’s Globe

Henry VIII is a play about power and how it corrupts. Regardless of the relevance of this moment, it’s a flawed play – several key action points occur offstage. There isn’t really a climax, the ending originally serving as an epilogue. Considering all that, it’s not the most interesting of the works attributed to Shakespeare. […]

Geetanjali Shree awarded in Bhopal

The English version of Gitanjali Shree’s book Tomb of Sand was released on Friday. Booker Prize-winning novel “Rat Samadhi” by Gitanjali Shree, originally published in Hindi, has been translated into English as “Tomb of Sand” by Daisy Rockwell. Delhi-based writer Gitanjali has become the first Indian author to win the International Booker Prize. She received […]

Kathleen Kennedy Reveals The Acolyte May...

With so much going on in the Skywalker era, fans were thrilled to learn that the star wars series The Acolyte would take place during the time of the High Republic 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. Point Leslye (Russian doll) is the writer and showrunner of the eight-episode series of The […]

What should you read next? Here are the...

Elif Batuman Whether orby Jhumpa Lahiri Translate myself and othersby Colin Barrett Homesicknessand Ali Smith side piece all are among the highest rated books of the month. Featured by Book Marks, “Rotten Tomatoes for books” by Lit Hub. * Fiction 1. Whether or by Elif Batuman(PenguinPress) 13 Rave • 7 Positives • 1 MixedRead an […]

Danisarte presents THE LEGACY OF LORCA /...

Alicia Kaplan, Artistic Director of Production and Hernan Acuna, Associate Producer, have announced their new bilingual production (Spanish-English) to celebrate the birthday of iconic Spanish playwright/poet/musician Federico Garcia Lorca. Danisarte is a non-profit 501c3 whose mission is to develop original productions with the aim of increasing understanding between people of many cultures and nations and […]

Jude Law returns to a huge franchise

By Dan Lawrence | 1 minute ago Jude Law is a phenomenally talented actor, to some he is known as the heartthrob at the center of the Christmas classic Vacations, to others, he’s known as an evil Kree warrior standing in the way of Brie Larson in Captain Marvel. But now, Jude Law is making […]

AP sources: Colin Kaepernick to train fo...

FILE – Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick throws during halftime of an NCAA college football intra-squad spring game at Michigan, April 2, 2022, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. the league in 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. Two people familiar with the situation said Wednesday, May […]

In Chennai, PM Modi says Tamil language ...

Chennai | Jagran Press Office: Addressing Tamils ​​amid a row over making Hindi the national language of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised the Tamil language, saying the central government was fully committed to popularize it. Inaugurating new completed projects and laying the foundation stone for new projects in various sectors of Chennai, […]

The tragic true story of the “beauty que

The Empress’s relationship with Emperor Franz Joseph did nothing to ease her misery. Despite what might have been displayed in Schneider’s on-screen relationship with Böhm, Elisabeth was so unhappy about the idea of ​​her marriage, that within minutes of her nuptials, the bride was seen sobbing from her car as she drove through precessions of […]

Josh O’Connor on the nudity in Mothering

It is the eve of Mother’s Sunday, when servants in large houses have a day off to visit their mothers. Be glad you don’t have parents, patrician Mrs. Niven orders her maid, Jane, as she removes the jewels from her hands. Jane – played by Australian actress Odessa Young – was left as a baby […]

What happened on May 26?

Here is an overview of what happened this day may 26, throughout history. We remember news, events and people who have influenced the course of history forever. THIS DAY: MAY 26 2008 | Severe flooding has started in eastern and southern China, killing 148 people and forcing the evacuation of 1.3 million people. 2004 | […]

Detroit’s last free-standing synagogue i

The downtown Isaac Agree Synagogue in Detroit, Michigan. Courtesy of Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue By Steve Friess May 25, 2022 When Jay Hack and his wife moved 10 years ago to a long devastated but revitalizing section of Detroit, they joined the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. It is the last free-standing shul in the city […]

May Cobb’s Favorite Dirty Thrillers ‹ Cr

Ever since I was a teenager when, like every other kid I knew, I had unlimited access to HBO and Cinemax After Dark, I was addicted to salacious thrillers. The more Adrian Lyne, the better. There’s something about the themes of obsession, infidelity, betrayal, seduction, and murder that gets my wicked inner heart beating. Bold […]

Women and Financial Independence | Rise...

With the kind of cost of living the current generation has to bear, it only makes sense that every working-age member earns a chunk of it. With the changing times, financial independence is a must for everyone. Financial independence is the ability to earn a living. It is important that each individual be financially independent. […]

Do not use mosques, temples as barriers’

Ahen the world is fragmenting and India’s secular sentiment is being challenged, it is crucial to look back on the life of the Bengali poet, journalist, composer and activist Kazi Nazrul Islam. He was a remarkable literary genius and a true rebel, who in his quest for self-expression and freedom of thought, preached unforgettable lessons […]

From Cannes: Newcomer Julie Ledru lights...

When Julia (Julie Ledru), the protagonist of Lola Quivoron’s electrifying new film “Rodeo” – which premiered May 19 at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival – sets out to become a stuntwoman on a dirt bike, it seems everyone possible obstacles are in his way. For one thing, she needs a bike. High-performance dirt bikes are […]

The first Concorde expedition starts fro...

The first Concorde expedition starts from London to Washington May 24 is the 144th day of the year (145th in leap years) according to the Gregorian calendar. The number of days left before the end of the year is 221. Railways May 24, 1882 Mersin-Adana line proposal by Mehmet Nahid Bey and Kostaki Teodoridi Efendi […]

Judging by the cover – 05/25/22 news • A

Most comic book fans have a clear idea of ​​what they’re going to buy each week when they walk down to their local comic book store. That said, there’s still plenty of fun to be had a look at what’s new this week and take a chance on a book that looks promising, funny, scary, […]

Small magazines in the age of Instagram,...

Welcome to the world of small magazines, mimeo editors, outlaw poets, chapbooks and experimental writing. IBNS caught up Subhankar Das, a freelance writer, literary activist, poet, blogger, editor and film producer, to answer some of the questions about the future of small magazines and small publications in the age of Instagram. The Little Magazines movement […]

Behind the Krishna Janmabhoomi controver...

New Delhi“There were five idols of pure gold five cubits high in the air,” amazed the chronicler Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Jabbar ‘Utbi, as the armies of his master – the warlord Mahmud of Ghazni – marched through the streets of Mathura in 1031 CE. There was “one that if the sultan had seen it exhibited […]

Here’s to an upcoming era of ‘Doctor Who

When the producers of “Doctor Who” revealed that Jodie Whittaker was the 13th incarnation of The Doctor in 2017, there was a lot of celebration, though some fans of the show weren’t so happy. Whittaker took over from Peter Capaldi and joined the franchise along with Chris Chibnall, who worked with her on “Broadchurch” and […]

Fresno State’s Chicano/Latino Graduating

When Xiomara Ramirez Maciel graduated from high school, her plans were initially to leave the United States to be with her parents in Mexico. “I didn’t think it was right for me to go to college because I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it,” the liberal studies major said. But with […]


Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir takes a boat ride. He recites the Koran under the watchful eye. The painting belongs to the 18th century in the museum file. “The wealth of artistic treasures left by the Mughals is an enduring testimony to the splendor of their culture. Among the most remarkable remains of their art are the […]

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Comics, Ranked

Science fiction has long been one of the most important genres in the geek community. From the pulp novels of yesteryear to TV shows like star trek and Battlestar Galactica for star warsscience fiction is a huge buffet with a multitude of dishes for all to enjoy. RELATED: 8 Marvel Comics With Terrifying Endings Comics […]

My journey from banking to film producti...

By Agatha Emeadi Popularly From Bami Greg, Maureen Airebamen is an interesting, multi-talented woman who is a writer, producer, designer and actress in films airing on African Magic and IrokoTV. In a recent chat with the Sunday Sun, Bami revealed that when he was nine, his father gave him a computer to write his scripts […]

Book Review: A swimmer chases ghosts in ...

By DREW GALLAGHER FOR THE FREE LANCE–STAR Going through my mental checklist of trappings I enjoy in a novel, Eimear Ryan’s “Holding Her Breath” ticked all the boxes. The author is Irish and the setting is Ireland—Check. Located on a university campus with opportunities for me to flex my major credits in English – Check. […]

Raja Rammohun Roy: an autobiographical s...

Raja Rammohun Roy Sun, May 22, 2022 12:00 AM Last updated on: Sun, May 22, 2022 4:01 PM A portrait of Rammohun Roy by Rembrandt Peale (1833). “> A portrait of Rammohun Roy by Rembrandt Peale (1833). MY DEAR FRIEND, In accordance with the wish that you have often expressed to me to give you […]

The spirit of rebirth and its relevance

By Professor Satya Narayan Misra* As we celebrate 250 years of Raja Ram Mohan Royand Birthday on the 22ndn/a In May, memories of his pioneering contribution to the socio-religious movement seep in. Ram Mohan Roy was a polyglot who studied ancient texts like the Vedas and Upanishads as well as the Quran and the Bible. […]

Rebel Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cerva...

While recovering from an accident, well beyond her sixties, Cristina Peri Rossi, the new Cervantes winner, discovered video games. “I spent three months in bed / with my right leg / playing on the Playstation.” She had been hit by a car in Barcelona, ​​where she has lived since the start of the Uruguayan dictatorship […]

How does it feel to be on Venus or Pluto...

Windblown sand in ripples in Victoria Crater at Meridiani Planum on Mars, photographed by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on October 3, 2006. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Cornell/Ohio State University How does it feel to be on the surface of Mars or Venus? Or even further, like on Pluto or Titan, the moon of Saturn? This curiosity […]

Buffalo mayor to appear on NNPA’s live m

By Stacy M. Brown | NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent Mayor Byron Brown (NNPA) – Mayor Byron Brown, the first African-American mayor and longest-serving mayor in Buffalo’s history, plans to appear on the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s live daily news program, “Let It Be Known,” at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, May 20. Brown, who has […]

“I lost my optimism”

The reason for our meeting is to discuss Stoppard’s involvement with English PEN, one of the oldest human rights organizations in the world, which “defends the freedom to write and the freedom to read in the world “. As part of an upcoming auction at Christie’s in June, Stoppard has annotated the first edition of […]

Peter Swanson: reading scary books at a ...

SWANSON: “Ripley Under Ground” by Patricia Highsmith, which is the second in her “Ripley” series and the only one of the five that I have not read. I love Highsmith. I don’t think anyone is exploiting that gray area of ​​moral lines that people will cross as well as she does. BOOKS: What other writer […]

Best Female Anime Villains | The Mary S...

It’s officially the era of villains. Welcome aboard. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration on what kind of villain you want to be. A nice n’er-do-well? A cold-hearted tough guy in a tight dress? A grandmother who uses her offspring as her own personal army? As you research your new brand, there’s one place you can […]

10 Superhero Movies Quentin Tarantino Sh...

Although Quentin Tarantino is best known for his quirky westerns and crime epics, the director actually helmed two unrealized Marvel projects. The famous author worked on screenplays for a Luke Cage movie and a Silver Surfer movie, but neither of them made it past the development stage. However, that doesn’t mean Tarantino can’t return to […]

Hong Kong’s disobedient graffiti artist

For decades, Tsang Tsou Choi – shirtless, a towel around his neck, supported by crutches – roamed the streets of Hong Kong armed with bottles of black ink and a calligraphy brush. From the 1950s to the 2000s, he transformed everything from streetlights to telephone booths into undulating views of Chinese characters. His scuzzy, calligraphic […]

Hindus should have their moment of catha...

Gyanvapi’s issue came to the fore. There is more. These will not go away. Because we never had the chance to hear or read the truth – the first step towards reconciliation. With lies, there can only be anguish and protest. The simple fact is that, although Hindus may be numerically in the majority, our […]

Why Silent Hill never matched the succes...

resident Evil relies on more “comfortable” styles of scares that, while often effective, are closer to the scares found in mainstream horror movies. silent Hill often relies on scares that affect players on a more psychological level. Given that slasher movies and zombie movies tend to be more successful than psychological horror movies, it’s no […]

Week 3 Poem of the week: ‘These are my i

These are my identities These are my identitiesBut you try them on for sizeYou make the assumptionAnd discuss criticallyWith a lexicon that I don’t understandYou fight and you search for meaningA struggle that is deepYou want to have it allThe shots you callAnd the journey, and the story, and the storyThe medal on arrival But […]

Stream it or skip it?

Anais in love – now on VOD – is a deeply French film about a free spirit who freely navigates his way through life, to his delight and our conflicting feelings about it all. It’s the feature debut of writer-director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, which puts us in the swirling orbit of its protagonist, and sits back […]

Who is AG Perarivalan and what was his r...

New Delhi/ Chennai | Jagran Press Office: AG Perarivalan, who was serving a life sentence for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was released from prison on Wednesday after the Supreme Court ordered his release, a judgment widely hailed by pro-Tamil groups of Tamil Nadu. After being released from prison, Perarivalan, who was […]

What the rise of artisanal sake reveals ...

In the introduction to his new book, Explore the world of Japanese artisanal sake: rice, water, earth, Nancy Matsumoto writes, “Sake embodies some of the things I love most about Japan: the contrast between old traditional ways and endlessly imaginative reinvention, as well as an intense dedication to craftsmanship. The identity of sake is inseparable […]

Launch of a book on Khushal Khan Khattak

PESHAWAR: A book on Khushal Khan Khattak was launched under the banner of Bacha Khan Research Center at Bacha Khan Markaz here on Tuesday. Prof. Dr. Fazal Rahim Marwat is the author of the book titled “Khushal Khan Khattak – The Pioneer of Afghan Nationalism”. Besides others, the ceremony brought together poets, writers and scholars. […]

Moira Macdonald’s list of must-have book

Of course, you could spend those pre-summer days doing outdoor activities — but wouldn’t you rather read? For those whose answer to that question is an enthusiastic “yes,” here are four new books worth keeping inside. “Love Marriage: A Novel” by Monica Ali (Scribner, $27.99). It’s one of those enchanting books full of people who […]

On the Politics of Caste and Female Joy ...

In a library in St. Louis in 1990, I watched our people – speaking our language, eating with their hands – on an American big screen for the first time, in Satyajit Ray’s iconic black-and-white film, Pather Panchali. This is the first film in his Apu trilogy, a bildungsroman of the life and tragedies of […]

🌱 School district eliminates quarantine

Hello, neighbors! Dan Casarella here with your Tuesday edition of the Philadelphia Daily. First, today’s weather forecast: Rather sunny and less humid. High: 75 Low: 55. 🏡 Are you a local real estate agent? Let us help you generate leads, grow your brand in Philadelphia, and set you apart from the competition. Click here to […]

Self-Portrait: Jordan Hamel | Writing

Reading room A 1701-word memoir from a world champion, hungry wolf and Wellington poet It’s a quiet Tuesday night in Timaru. The Caroline Bay skatepark is quiet except for a teenage couple driving past in a Subaru WRX, the odd smell of the wharf dominating Herald of Timaru the headlines throughout 2019 have died down, […]

Thousands of loans will be written off b...

When parent company Provident Financial ceases collecting payments on the loans by December 31, 2021, 7 months after the brands stopped lending, thousands of consumers with high-interest loans from Provident, Glo, Greenwood, and Satsuma will have their debts cleared ConsolidationNow installments.( ) Affected borrowers will receive emails or letters informing them that they can […]

Words in the Wild workshop with Nicola C...

Paperboat, co-founded by Emma Milne-White in 2018, occasionally organizes writing workshops. It is “relaunched” under the aegis of Hungerford Bookshop. All workshops are suitable for beginners and can also help you if you have work in progress. Next month will be with local award-winning naturalist writer Nicola Chester, whose memoir On Gallows Down was shortlisted […]

“Ear Up Incubation” promotes new music f

Five major prizes at the “Ear Up Music Festival” 13 new voices from Hong Kong that need to be heard HONG KONG SAR – Media outreach – May 16, 2022 – Now in its fifth year, the ‘Ear Up Incubation’ music mentorship program hit another milestone for the local music industry when 14 Hong Kong-based […]

The worst movies based on true events –

When filmmakers say a movie is based on true events, they’re trying to give the movie a stamp of legitimacy. For the most part, moviegoers understand that they’re going to see a story based on an actual event and not a documentary, and they’re willing to allow some creative leeway. Even so, audiences know when […]

Six feel-good shows to watch if you’re s

Heartstopper, the beautiful upbeat and unapologetically queer coming-of-age story from Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring has been a huge hit since its debut on Netflix in late April, perhaps because it’s a burst of joy full of freshness. the air in these crazy times we live in. Set in the fictional Truham Grammar High School […]

Obituary: Letizia Battaglia, photographe...

Letizia Battaglia, who died at the age of 87, was a Sicilian photographer whose unflinching photographs depicting appalling Mafia crimes helped combat her campaign of terror on the island in the 1970s and 1980s. he was perhaps an unlikely thorn in the side of organized crime. Her photographic career began in the early 1970s, when, […]

The Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages of C...

Comic book readers often refer to Golden, Money and The Bronze Ages of comic books – and here’s what those terms mean. Comics have been around for a long time; According to Scott McCloud’s definition of comics as a sequential art for telling a story, the genre dates back to before the Reformation. But, of […]

Arrowsmith Press, The Boston Playwrights...

A deferred festive reading bringing together the winners of the last two years will take place on Zoom on Sunday May 15 at 12 p.m. Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott Arrowsmith Press, in conjunction with the Boston Playwrights’ Theater and the Derek Walcott Festival in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, announces the Derek Walcott Prize for Poetry. The award […]

How Bengal suffered under Mughal rule an...

​ It has been a year since unprecedented violence took place in West Bengal after the announcement of the Assembly election results. Why did Bengal experience violence (both in West Bengal and Bangladesh)? What was the original demographic composition of Bengal and how it has changed; and how has this affected the socio-political environment of […]

(BPRW) A black superheroine for the time...

(BPRW) A black superheroine for the time; Sugar A fictional tale based on real events (Black PR Wire) Philadelphia, PA — SUGAR, now a 5-time International Independent Award winner, is a fictional tale about a single mother/hit store owner by day, who poses as a vigilante by night. protecting battered and abused women. Written, directed […]

Sarah Holland-Batt on the fight for her ...

SShortly after Tony, Sarah Holland-Batt’s father, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – and told he was no longer fit to drive – he bought the car for himself of his dreams. A jaguar. He made the purchase through eBay, unseen; the first time his wife knew about it was when it was delivered to their […]

Boston Red Sox preach patience – not pan

WORCESTER — With the Red Sox skirmishing at the major league level, it makes sense that the organization would look to Worcester for reinforcements in the coming weeks. But despite the fact that there are logical candidates for the call on the Triple-A roster, Boston still preaches patience when it comes to its best young […]

Crime writer Kate Flora talks about her ...

“Maine has produced some terrific mystery writers,” the Lincoln County Historical Association said in a press release. LCHA celebrates them with a talk by Kate Flora. Maine native and accomplished crime writer, Flora’s Zoom presentation on Thursday, May 26 at 6 p.m. will cover Maine’s long legacy of mystery writing with a special focus on […]

Stephen King stories that could still be...

7. Insomnia Insomnia by Stephen KingPicture: viking press In 1994 King moved back to another of his most famous townships, Derry, Maine. Except this time it wasn’t a clown who was causing sleepless nights but insomnia. Ralph Roberts’ condition allows him to see auras of life force ruled by entities, The Purpose and The Random, […]

‘Poems for Life’ celebrates the resident

CENTER COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — To celebrate the lives of seniors in our community, Juniper Village has connected residents with local writers to create personalized poems highlighting their stories. Juniper resident Mary Joan Fetter said it was a chance to reflect on her experiences. “I got lucky,” Fetter said. “I had a good life. I […]

TWU inspired the nation’s youngest law g

This Friday, 19-year-old TWU alumnus Haley Taylor Schlitz will become the youngest law school graduate in the nation and the youngest law school graduate at SMU. But Schlitz has no intention of cashing in on that degree as a high-paying corporate lawyer or top lawyer. “I want to get into educational policies,” […]

Shows, magic and untold stories – The Th

Image Credit: Supplied Shahryar, a powerful king learns of his wife’s love affair with a slave, promises to avenge him on all the women he will marry from now on. A night of conjugality, the next morning would turn to fate for the young bride succumbing to an untimely death engineered by their husband. Enter […]

Academicians back Lucknow Univ professor...

“We, the undersigned academics and activists, express our deep concern over the public heckling, intimidation and abuse directed at Dr Ravi Kant, Associate Professor of Hindi and well-known Dalit intellectual, at the premises of Lucknow University by a crowd believed to be university students as well as foreigners Highly confrontational and inflammatory slogans, which included […]

The ultimate guide to hotels in Edinburg...

5. Ideal for trendsetters Gleneagles Townhouse Swap the golf greens for the city, First urban outpost of Gleneagles opens this spring. It comes with a serious pedigree: completed in 1846, the grand listed building in St Andrew Square was originally home to the British Linen Company. The current 33-room hotel and members’ club retains the […]

‘It’s a huge moment’: how Ncuti Gatwa wi

Dactor Who changes lives. For science fiction writer Tade Thompson, an episode from his childhood was so frightening that it inspired one of his books decades later. Jenny Colgan was such a big fan that even the boys couldn’t stop her from writing Doctor Who novels. And as the first black director of a Who […]

This week at the Harbor Theater

“The Duke” – (R – language and brief sexuality; 1 hour, 36 minutes). In 1961 Kempton Bunton, a 60-year-old taxi driver, stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. It was the first (and remains the only) theft in the Gallery’s history. Kempton sent ransom notes saying he would […]

The Traveller’s Word: Cecilia Vicuña on

Over the past three years, Cecilia Vicuña has gained sudden and impressive international recognition, culminating with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 59th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition this spring. The seeds of Vicuña’s multifaceted artistic personality emerged in the 1960s, when she was still based in Chile. There she began to write […]

Manhattan comes alive

And now, suddenly, it seems, Manhattan – especially around Times Square and in the neighborhoods below 42nd Street – has come alive with everything that has always attracted visitors: splashing museum exhibits , Broadway greats, restaurants everywhere. Many beloved businesses have not survived the past two years, including Lord & Taylor, Jazz Standard, Upright Citizens […]

Inspirational and confident young Chines...

Photo: CGV Editor’s note: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC). At a ceremony held Tuesday in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the founding of CYLC was a milestone in the history of the Chinese revolution and the history of the youth movement. This […]

Micro Review: Natalie Haynes’ ‘Pandora’s

In “Pandora’s Jar,” presenter, writer, and classicism enthusiast Natalie Haynes upends popular understanding of ancient Greek epic poems, stories, and plays written by men, telling them from a female perspective and tracing the origins of their mythical female characters. In the book, she examines the origin stories and cultural legacies of classic literature’s best-known women, […]

Poet Kalamazoo wins Pulitzer Prize

KALAMAZOO, MI — A Kalamazoo woman has won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for her 2021 work titled “Frank: Sonnets.” Longtime teacher and writer-in-residence at Kalamazoo College, Diane Seuss was announced the winner of Pulitzer’s poetry category on Monday, May 9. “It’s nothing I would have ever, ever, ever expected out of life,” Seuss said […]

The tragic end of the only child of Harl...

Philippa Duke Schuyler was born to Josephine Cogdell, a white writer, and George Schuyler, a well-known African-American journalist. Her mother, who came from a family that practiced agriculture, applied to her daughter the farming theory that crossing different genetic strains produced superior offspring known as “hybrid vigor”. according to this report. In fact, Schuyler’s interracial […]

The musical SILENCE of Nikos Kypourgos, ...

After a series of successful performances on the alternative stage of the Greek National Opera at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center which thrilled children and adults alike, the sparkling musical Silence, The King Is Listening by Nikos Kypourgos and Thomas Moschopoulos travels to six cities in Greece. Ideal for an introduction to the wonderful […]

Leanne Crichton: Rangers title win could...

Rangers lifted the SWPL1 trophy for the first time, stopping Scottish women’s football giants Glasgow City after a monumental 14 winning seasons. Only time will tell which is more important: Rangers writing their own history or the end of City’s dominance. Either way, it could dramatically change the landscape of gambling in Scotland. It’s a […]

Focus on faculty–May 9, 2022 | St. Lawr

Faculty members put their knowledge into practice so that students and others can benefit. Recently, professors have published research papers with student co-authors and shared their novels and research findings at conferences and events around the world. Sarah Ash Pole Sarah Ash Pole Associate Professor of Environmental studies Sara Ashpole published a collaborative research paper […]

2021/22 half-year results // Sales up 24...

DGAP-News: All for One Group SE / Key word(s): Half-year resultsAll for One Group SE: 2021/22 Half-Year Results // Sales up 24% // Integration of acquisitions progressing // SAP S/4HANA transformations are accelerating // 2021/22 sales guidance increased sl 09.05.2022 / 11:06 The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. All for […]

Nicole Ari Parker just joined the cast

After the success of the 1999 film, The best man and its 2013 sequel, The best man’s vacationPeacock is set to launch a 10-part limited series, The Groomsman: The Final Chapters. The series will reunite the entire original cast, including Morris Chestnut (Lance Sullivan), Melissa De Sousa (Shelby Taylor), Taye Diggs (Harper Stewart), Regina Hall […]

As a single father, Mother’s Day raises

Dear Parents: Teachers will be working on Mother’s Day activities this week and next — they won’t be posting updates or photos because we don’t want to spoil the surprise!!!! This email from my son’s preschool appeared in my feed a few weeks ago. It’s quite innocent. The surprise is probably a handmade card and […]

A new study reveals links between red ti...

New research documenting a grim connection between toxic red tides and ocean dead zones comes with the usual annotation: a poem. The poem, composed by an English scientist, was inspired by a University of Miami study published this month in the journal Harmful Algae which found that a third of Florida’s last 16 red tides […]

CS Lewis responds to the country’s dilem

When you were in school and growing up, did your teachers ever give you “challenge” work? It was a job that was a grade or two higher than where you were at the time. Of course, the goal was to expand your abilities and skills to make you grow and reach higher. It happened to […]

​​​​​​​ Journalist and writer: the peopl

Since April 17, Turkey has carried out attacks on areas of southern Kurdistan following a visit by the president of the government of southern Kurdistan, Masrour Barzani to Turkey, in addition to simultaneous attacks on the north and the south. east of Syria. Turkish massacres continue In this regard, Jordanian journalist and writer Raddad Al-Qallab […]

Renaissance House Writers’ Retreat retur

Renaissance House Retreat for Writers and Artists in Martha’s Vineyard will celebrate its 23rd season by offering three exciting writing programs in June, July and September 2022 at its original location in Oak Bluffs – a home where legendary novelist Dorothy West (“The marriage”) would write. Renaissance House is one of the few retreats designed […]

Overthrowing Roe threatens women’s right

How strange, the condition of having a body, of be a body. Consider the marrow sponge that makes your blood, the skeleton that holds your organs together, the tendons that connect your muscles to bones, the heart that pumps blood through your veins, the electrical signals that travel along the optic nerve from your retinas. […]

First Odia to get a law degree, this ‘gr

Madhusudan Das, a lawyer and social reformer, did pioneering work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, laying the foundation for the current state of Odisha. Sadly, he remains a largely forgotten figure among the pantheon of famous Indian historical figures. (Image above of Madhusudan Das, the legendary Odia) As the first graduate and […]

‘The Best Man’ Cast Releases New Beach V

After it was announced last year that the cast of the iconic “The Best Man” film franchise would be reuniting for an upcoming series, fans were filled with anticipation – and they just got a new look at the gang on set. In a video posted to Instagram, the cast of ‘The Best Man’ are […]

Interview with Jennifer Keene – DC Prese

The world of DC Comics goes retro with the Showcase DC short blue beetle. Conceived as a 60s cartoon, the animated short centers on Ted Kord’s incarnation of the iconic hero as he teams up with The Question to foil Dr. Spectro’s plan to corrupt the feelings of people in the world. whole world. In […]

Five French cultural events not to miss ...

May 1 may be over and the Lily of the valley the bouquets are fading, but there’s a wealth of French art and culture to discover across the United States and online this month. The Tragedy of King Christopher – Chicago, until May 29 In the turbulent aftermath of the Haitian Revolution of 1804, a […]

When you learn your mother was a serious...

In March 2021, my mother, Nancy Bourne, a lifelong non-smoker, died of lung cancer. Two weeks prior, however, as she was walking back and forth between hospital wards, she was on her laptop sending a flurry of query letters to literary agents asking for their help in selling her first novel. six months before that […]

The original power girl named Modesty, w...

This was before the internet, there was no online book ordering service, and therefore no e-book readers. Children addicted to reading had to join the circulating libraries (almost non-existent now) in the neighborhood and read the comics and popular books that were arriving in the suburbs of Mumbai. After passing the Enid Blytons (she is […]


war – in the fields first green shoots–Helga Stania (Ettiswil, Switzerland) * * * farmers marketsyncopated greensin a basket of reeds–Lorraine A. Padden (San Diego, Calif.) * * * wet littersunlight on the furlof a fern fern–Marcie Wessels (San Diego, CA) * * * green saladmom place some springon my plate–Mona Bedi (Delhi, India) * […]

Books of the month with Kemps

Where is the year going? We look forward to welcoming you to some of our upcoming events, in fact two of this month’s review titles are from authors who will be visiting us in May. Other authors will be coming to Malton for the food festivals and again we are partnering with Be Amazing Arts […]

Riverside is experiencing a murals renai...

By Frances J. Vasquez | Collaborating columnist The lanes, walls and adobes of Riverside are adorned with visual stories – tales, legends and tales are depicted in vibrant imagery. The muralists express their voice in various artistic spaces. There is a revival of muralism in Riverside – like a geographical collage, they produce art everywhere: […]

Florida’s ‘Shark Lady’ is now on a Forev

Eugenie Clark once called back how, as a hypnotized child, she felt “completely attached” to a shark she saw swimming in a New York aquarium. “I just felt: If only I could be in the water with a shark“Clark, then 83, told a Tampa Bay Weather journalist in 2006. Decades after that encounter, Clark – […]

The Poetry Program celebrates queer poet...

On the Poetry program Sunday May 8 at 7 p.m. on RTÉ Radio 1, presenter Olivia O’Leary meets three poets in Belfast to discuss the strength of queer poetry in Northern Ireland today. The queer voice in poetry is vibrant here, like a recent anthology, queer the green, showed. The anthology, edited by poet Paul […]

Valley softball is experiencing a contin...

By: Michael Love Wednesday, May 4, 2022 | 6:53 p.m. Christopher Horner | Tribune-Review Valley head coach Carol Perroz coaches against Deer Lakes in a game April 28, 2022 at Valley High School. Morgan Dunkel was ready to take the ball, hit the rubber in the pitching circle, and have a breakout freshman season for […]

Ex-writer thinks WWE started women’s rev

Vince Russo thinks WWE changed the way it portrays female superstars just to make Stephanie McMahon look good. In 2016, WWE stopped referring to female superstars as “Divas” and began treating the women’s division as a priority. Since then, many women have headlined premium live events and become as popular as some of the top […]

Breakfast for Literacy: More Than a Meal...

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the Cape Fear Literacy Council will celebrate the return of our flagship event and fundraiser, the Annual Literacy Luncheon, after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many aspects of post-pandemic life, some things are different. This year, we will meet outdoors at Filigree Marina overlooking the Cape […]

Long Plain First Nations elect a female ...

CODY SELLAR PERSONAL JOURNALIST Kyra Wilson was elected Chief of the Long Plain First Nation. “/> Kyra Wilson was elected Chief of the Long Plain First Nation. PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE Long Plain First Nation has elected its second female chief and the first since the 1970s. “I just feel happy and excited, […]

Elgin Master Chorale will celebrate the ...

The Elgin Master Chorale will celebrate its 75th anniversary season with the North American premiere of a piece commissioned for the occasion. “The World Imagined,” the result of a three-year collaboration between renowned English choral composer Gabriel Jackson and Elgin Master Chorale maestro Andrew Lewis, will highlight a concert on May 15 at the Blizzard […]

A Russian Jew’s perspective on the war i

Maxime D. Shrayer, born in 1967, grew up in Moscow and emigrated to the United States in 1987 with his family. Before settling in New England, Shrayer and his parents were Jewish refusalniks for many years. Shrayer, whose father is a writer and mother a translator, has written and edited more than 20 books of […]

‘The pendulum has swung’: why we Trinida

LLast week, Trinidadian writer Lisa Allen-Agostini’s novel The Bread the Devil Knead landed a coveted spot on the list of finalists for the Women’s Prize. As a fellow Trinidadian writer, this is both exciting and unsurprising. These days, Trinidad is producing world-class female writers. Allen-Agostini’s shortlist follows the announcement two weeks ago that Trinidadian writer […]

A piece of juvenile Leopardi found in Na...

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 3 – A previously unknown early play by the great 19th-century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi has been found in Naples and published for the first time. The eight-page notebook in which a 16-year-old Leopardi wrote his observations on poetry, philosophy, politics and society also contains a list of 160 favorite authors, […]