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Sydney philanthropist Paula McLean donat...

Paula McLean, a Sydney philanthropist and former vice president of the Stella Prize, has donated $ 1 million to the Stella Forever Fund, one of the largest donations of its kind. The Stella Prize, established in 2013, is Australia’s largest annual book award for writers identifying women and has made a huge contribution to the […]

Film Review: “Benedetta”, an unruly and

The ecstatic agonies (or is it the dying ecstasies?) Which have become the signature of legendary Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, are fully exposed in his historic religious epic, “Benedetta”, a story of sex, suffering and the sacrament. In Judith C. Brown’s 1986 book, “Immodest Acts,” detailing the life story of Sister Benedetta Carlini, Verhoeven found […]

Famous Telugu lyricist Sirivennela Seeth...

Hyderabad, November 30 Telugu lyricist and writer Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry is no more. The lyricist breathed his last on Tuesday as he battled pneumonia at KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad. He was 66 years old and is survived by his wife and two sons. Chembolu Seetharama Sastry, better known by his pseudonym Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, was […]

Destiel: Yo A Ti, one year later | Arts

November 5 marked the first anniversary of one of the most terrible, ridiculous, and wonderful phenomena of that time: Destiel. “Destiel” is the name of the ship for two “Supernatural” characters: the demon hunter Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and the angel Castiel (Misha Collins). Marked by nostalgic looks, tender touches, and a willingness to do […]

The Editorial Board: Higgins’ plan for i

Those dollars, he said, “gave us Canalside, which gave us all kinds of waterfront projects. This is a rare opportunity, because it is again the combination of those two things. On the Inner Harbor, the dilapidated look of the Erie Basin Marina and brutalist-style buildings are ripe for the update. The congressman is proposing $ […]

Faith learned that young people had a li...

Novelist Julie Courtney Sullivan describes herself as an outlier in a traditional Irish Catholic family in Massachusetts. Professionally known as “J. Courtney Sullivan,” the under-40 writer has authored five generally well-received novels that some critics have praised for their freshness, character development and timeliness. His 2020 book, “Friends and Strangers,” focuses on themes of self-deception, […]

Two Palestinian artists withdraw from Fr...

Palestinian Campaign for a Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel says festival program violates boycott standards The Arab World Institute in Paris said it had not planned to attend the festival in terms of nationality [Getty] Two Palestinian artists have announced their withdrawal from an Arab culture festival organized by the Arab World Institute in […]

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr: reinventing Africa...

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr is the first author from sub-Saharan Africa to receive France’s most important literary prize, the Prix Goncourt. The literary thriller of the 31-year-old Senegalese author The most secret memory of houses (The most secret memory of men) tells the story of a young Senegalese writer who discovers a legendary book from 1938 […]

Take a break, watch the dub

Most important of all, and this is the most controversial part of the subtitle vs. dub debate, some people don’t like reading subtitles. And it’s good. Bong Joon-ho is ready to fight someone but the truth is some people don’t want to read. They don’t like to read. So which would you prefer? That someone […]

A calendar dedicated to the farmers’ dem

Chandigarh, November 29 A Canada-based online magazine covering alternative politics unveiled its annual calendar dedicated to the one-year farmers’ protest in India, organizers said on Monday. Dedicated to the one-year farmers’ protest in India, the 2022 calendar released in Surrey bears important dates linked to the fight that ultimately forced the government to overturn three […]

How the editor of the Daily Telegraph in...

Few deserve more than Sir Edwin Arnold the Laurel as the most accomplished, but most neglected, mathematician of the Victorian era. Educator, author, poet and journalist – editor of the Daily Telegraph from 1873 to 1888 – Arnold spoke 19 languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Persian, and wrote books on education and a two-volume […]

Renowned poetry critic Professor Mutlu K...

English professor Emeritus Mutlu Konuk Blasing, 77, passed away peacefully on August 16 at his summer residence in his native Turkey. Blasing left a profound impact on the scholarship of poetry, and she was known by family, friends, colleagues, and students for her intelligence, honesty, and dedication to her work. The Herald spoke with several […]

Rani Mukerji opens with Mardaani 3; sai...

Rani Mukerji might not be making hardcore, mainstream movies, facing some popular leading men these days, but what she brings up is just as important – powerful female-centric films with enough commercial elements, reaching a sufficiently large audience. At the forefront of Rani’s second phase has been the Mardaani franchise, with both films so far […]

Mahindra Kabira Festival ends | english...

Varanasi, November 29 After two days of celebrating Kabir and his teachings through a wide range of performances, the 2021 Mahindra Kabira Festival wrapped up on Sunday evening. The closing day explored the glorious simplicity of Kabir’s philosophy through mystical melodies and music. The performances showed the coexistence of art and spirituality. At the opening […]

Theater critic: Moulin Rouge! The Music...

What strikes you the most is the deadly combination of red and sparkle. A rich boudoir red and dazzling chandeliers that promise passion, sex and danger. Indeed, even before the show begins, audiences are wowed by women and men in corsets, lounging and swinging around the stage in various stages of suggestiveness come-here. You already […]

10 comics Marvel wants you to forget

Marvel is known for telling amazing stories and they’ve taken that reputation to the bank, using their stories as the basis for some of the greatest movies ever to be made. Some of these stories are known to be the best, but not all of them can be viewed in this light. RELATED: 10 Marvel […]

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh dies of ca...

By JAKE COYLE, AP screenwriter NEW YORK (AP) – Virgil Abloh, a leading designer whose revolutionary fusions of streetwear and haute couture made him one of the most famous taste designers in fashion and beyond, has died of cancer. He was 41 years old. Abloh’s death was announced on Sunday by luxury group LVMH (Louis […]

Artist spotlight: dana Washington-Queen ...

Elias Roman, editor-in-chief of A&E, and Priscilla Puno, co-editor of Lifestyle, take a look at the work of dana Washington-Queen, UCSD MFA graduate, poet and videographer, in this spotlight on the artist for The UCSD Guardian. Our introduction to the art of dana Washington-Queen came from the Black Women Filmmakers class of communication professor Zeinabu […]

‘Encanto’, ‘House of Gucci’ fuel at the

By JAKE COYLE, AP screenwriter NEW YORK (AP) – Thanksgiving weekend cinema was still far from the party it normally is, but Disney’s “Encanto” and Lady Gaga-directed “House of Gucci” both gave it a boost to two genres that have been particularly affected by the pandemic: family films and adult dramas. “Encanto” topped the box […]

Stephen Lewis: The Continuous Evolution ...

Stephen lewis My last column on the evolution of the meaning of the word “wild” from the 17th century to the present day invites further development. The word took center stage in the late 18th century until the 19th century when Romanticism emerged in Europe and here. The first step in this transformation can be […]

Reviews | Why the feminist movement nee...

And that ultimately weakens the cause of feminism because it excludes many women, especially young women. Young pro-life women often see themselves as committed to both the protection of the unborn child and the development of women. In a 2015 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, more than half of millennial women who identified […]

Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid AI art

Ai-Da, the humanoid AI artist who made history in 2019, as the very first robot able to draw without any human intervention, is now an AI poet. His first show? A recital at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, in response to Dante Alighieri Divine comedy. On the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, Ai-Da’s original […]

Obituary: Lis Lee, poet and playwright w...

Death: September 29, 2021. WHEN Janet Elisabeth (‘Lis’) Lee began writing in earnest at the age of 50, with the advent of the Kelso Writers’ Workshop in 1998, she did so with distinction, becoming a published, fiction and non-fiction writer. Her two small volumes of poetry, Vanilla Summer (2011) and Memory Horse (2018), both published […]

Holiday appetizers are the budget’s best

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year; it arouses warm feelings in all of us. I named December the most important month to eat because invitations are piling up and we as individuals consume plate after plate of delicious food and drink. As we know, Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday for eating, and […]

Tallin Black Nights crowns 2021 industry...

The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2021 has named the winners of its Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event awards. The industry showcase took place as a hybrid of in-person and virtual events, with the winners announced today (November 26) after a week of presentations and networking with approximately 700 delegates. Swedish director Katarina Launing’s […]

In opposing styles, 2 African artists ca...

LONDON – At first glance, the works of Marcellina Akpojotor and Sungi Mlengeya seemingly have nothing in common. Ms. Akpojotor’s luminous canvases are imbued with color and textiles, and Ms. Mlengeya creates stripped-down black and white works that amaze with their simplicity. “One is more minimalist, while the other is loaded with craftsmanship, skill, nuance, […]

Recovering the powerful poetry of transl...

I say this as a lay person: Read the Bible. It will make you a better writer. The more biblical prose there is in you, the less likely you are to write a really bad English sentence. Don’t take my word for it; try it. But you’ll need a very old translation, written over a […]

American curator dedicates his life to C...

Three children hold the Chinese handwritten character of “happiness” in the United States, February 3, 2019. Photo: VCG Seventy-year-old American Stephen D. Allee’s total immersion in Chinese language and culture is reminiscent of a famous quote from Confucius: “I was not born with knowledge, I am a lover of knowledge. antiquity, and serious about looking […]

Yashoda from Bihar leads the way in empo...

New Delhi, November 28 As the country continues to struggle to bring poetic justice to women in the 21st century, a small town woman in the West Champaran district of Bihar has fought against widespread social, economic and political barriers, continued with success his dreams in a patriarchal setting. society and encouraged women to move […]


The greatest legacy of the Mughal Empire is its contribution to the culture of South Asia, with paintings, textiles, jewelry, ornaments, clothing, music, dance, poetry, exquisite cuisine, architecture and garden design. It was the age of elegance and the tone was set by the emperors. Royalty the world over has surrounded themselves with lavish luxury. […]

Meeting with Ayub Khawer

PUBLISHED on November 28, 2021 KARACHI: Equally inspiring director, producer, writer and poet, Mohammad Ayub Khawer was born in Chakwal on June 12, 1948, and joined Government High School, Chakwal, for his initial learning phase. After moving to Karachi, where his father served the Pak Army, he enrolled in Maqbool-e-Aam Sharfabad High School, Karachi. Later, […]

When Mangalesh Dabral Strayed From Urdu ...

This number does not exist, yeah number maujood nahin hai. The lines between Mangalesh Dabral’s verse and reality blurred for Paris-based Indian writer and filmmaker Vijay Singh last year, around this time, when the Hindi poet was claimed by COVID-19. Never having met the poet-translator – who had translated poets / writers such as Pablo […]

10 DC Comics Want You To Forget

DC has released some of the greatest comics of all time. There really is no other way to put it. DC is tasked with bringing out the greatest writing talents of the past forty years, with names like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman changing the comic book industry. There have been some amazing […]

Madagascar: Indian Embassy’s monthly lit

The Indian Embassy’s monthly literary program, known as La Lit Tana, has resumed after a long hiatus. The program initiated by Abhay Kumar, Ambassador of India to Madagascar, in 2019 offers a literary platform for talented Malagasy writers and poets to present and interpret their literary works. The 12th edition of La Lit Tana was […]

“Facebook made me realize I don’t have a

Louise Nealon was 18 when she had a dream that belonged to someone else. “The dream was not very alive. It was just a general feeling of being disembodied. What I remember more than the dream is the feeling of disappearing completely from myself. It may sound like an experience of a nervous breakdown, and […]

What’s New – 11/27 – Our Time Press

AUTUMN IN AMERICA For 85 glorious minutes on Friday, November 19, Vice President Kamala Harris served as Acting President of the United States while Joe Biden was sedated for a medical procedure. Last week, WGO referred to its declining poll numbers, possibly instigated by right-wing media disinformation. A recent Vanity Fair essay on his desk […]

“Writing can never remain static” – The

Express news service Have you always thought of yourself as a writer?No, I was just a voracious reader. I switched to writing very imperceptibly, using pen and paper to say what I was telling myself in my head. You started writing when you were 30, I believe. What was your inspiration as a writer?The books […]

writer alleges assault by Iffi’s securit

Panaji: Award-winning Sahitya Akademi Konkani writer Dilip Borkar claimed on Saturday that he and two of his friends were manhandled by bouncers at the venue of the 52nd India International Film Festival (Ifi). Borkar said he was lining up with his friends to enter the Inox multiplex for the Russian film The Hotel, which was […]

8 things we learned after watching Lady ...

The wonderful documentary on the life and times of English feminist and novelist Jackie Collins, Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story highlights the captivating and inspiring life she led until her departure. RELATED: 8 Books Being Adapted In Upcoming Movies & TV Shows Jackie Collins was and remains one of the world’s most popular writers, […]

Farewell to Stephen Sondheim | The New ...

No artist since George Balanchine has dominated an art form as much as Sondheim did. Photograph by Hulton Archive / Corbis / Getty Stephen Sondheim made his last public appearance at the premiere premiere of the cover of his 1970 classic “Company,” last Monday night, November 15th. Ninety-one, and a little slowed down but not […]

The Three Musketeers 2011 Cast & Charact

Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers has been adapted several times for the cinema, and here is a guide to the cast and characters of Three Musketeers 2011. Here is a guide for The three Musketeers Actors and main characters of 2011. Work of 1844 by the writer Alexandre Dumas The three Musketeers is one of […]

18-year-old wins BBC Hausa women’s short

Aishatu Dalil’s ‘Hakkina’ (‘My Right’) story won this year’s award BBC Women’s Hausa News Contest. Aishatu, 18, a 100-level student in English and French, said she started writing in 2018 and has a passion for writing about women’s issues. Her story ‘Hakkina’ tells the story of a young woman, Fatima, who is raped by her […]

The wandering creativity of Sophie Taeub...

There is an object in the Museum of Modern Art retrospective of Swiss polymath Sophie Taeuber-Arp that is so coveted that I wanted to hurry it. It dates from 1922 and takes the form of triangles that fit together in an integral pattern of blue and pink, brown and olive. These abstract shapes are interrupted […]

It’s Christmas carol season! Do you kno

If it is not too early for Pope Francis to start listening to Christmas music, it is not too early for us! The Pope is organizing a competition for young people to create brand new Christmas carols. Addressing those gathered at the launch of the “Christmas Contest”, he thanked the organizers of the contest, “which […]

In the lead: Lincoln writer pokes fun at...

His bucket list had only two entries. ‘It Was Complicated’: Mother’s Love Inspired Zoolarious Headliner Derek Sheen to Fame First, he wanted to spend so much time with his son Griffith, who has returned from California to Lincoln and lives two houses down the road. Second, he pledged to finish his novel, a first-person story […]

Dr Abdullah Omar Naseef – Renaissance Ma

Mir Ayoob Ali Khan In Jeddah, one person emerged in the 1970s, Dr Abdullah Omar Naseef. He felt he should bring together the best minds from around the world to work on projects that would help Muslims around the world. The kingdom was developing against the Communist / Socialist rule led by Jamal Abdul Nasser […]

See: How Creators and NFTs Fuel the Digi...

I have been a creator longer than being a creator was a “thing”. Having created first on Quora, then LinkedIn, then Twitter and finally A Junior VC, I have been digital natively for almost a decade. The joy of creating and connecting with millions of people has been a huge motivator. I personally saw creation […]

Don Johnson is back as “Nash Bridges”.

“I still imagine him very fit and very capable,” Johnson said of Nash. “I imagine him wiser and more attentive to things.” “He would always slap you,” he added, using a coarser term. “But he would think about it first and make sure it came from a good place.” The decades since “Vice” made Johnson […]

Teams that will fade away; intriguing N...

Which team having a good first month will fade as the season progresses? Sean Leahy, NHL Editor: Nashville. The Predators had a solid first month-plus with a 10-7-1 record and a fourth-place finish in the Central Division. The points accumulated in October and November are important when these climbs and descents affect every team during […]

UM Announces James and Lois Welch Guest ...

Indigenous voices will be given greater prominence at the University of Montana thanks to a new guest writers fund created by Lois Welch to honor her late husband, acclaimed author James Welch. UM will use the James and Lois Welch Distinguished Native American Visiting Writer Fund to bring a distinguished Native writer to campus to […]

“Paradise Blue” at Geffen Playhouse | S

PHOTO: Jeff Lorch | Pasadenan Sud News | From left to right: John Earl Jelks, Alani iLongwe, Tyla Abercrumbie and Wendell B. Franklin in Paradise Blue at the Geffen Playhouse. Directed by Stori Ayers. In a dimly lit smoky bar, a lone trumpeter plays a moving solo and sets the tone for a night out […]

Crusader Kings 3’s first expansion, Roya

Crusader Kings 3 is a superb continuation of Paradox’s long line of long-standing strategies, and Paradox today announced the release date of its first major expansion: Royal Court. It arrives on February 8, 2022, and “chair rulers and budding emperors will be able to accumulate artifacts and build new types of nations,” as well as […]

travel A day trip from Kolkata, Burdwan ...

About a two hour drive from Kolkata is the town of Burdwan. There is archaeological evidence suggesting that the city can trace its origins beyond the 6th century BC. The last two regimes left a real impact on the region and some of its most important architectural monuments date from the time. These are some […]


Perhaps the world needs another John Milton for our “age of anxiety” to explain the fall of man from grace, or another “poet from the East” to justify the ways of. God to man. But with luminaries of the stature of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Milton, the story is particularly thrifty. In their epics Shikwa […]

JOAN SULLIVAN: Newfoundland and Canadian...

As the title and illustration of the book’s cover suggest – a medieval depiction of a knight – this latest volume by Mark Callanan evokes the age of romance. The two opening inscriptions reinforce this aesthetic theme, the first from “The Tale of King Arthur and His Knights” by Howard Pyle (“And indeed, it is […]

An Ode for .. the First Sinister

First published on 14 NOV 2021 Updated on November 14, 2021 Victor Billot Dunedin writer Victor Billot is the author of The Sets, an acclaimed collection of poems published in 2020 by Otago University Press. Every Sunday, he composes weekly satirical Odes for Newsroom. Show more Reading room New Zealand poet laureate composes an ode […]

from Picasso’s homage to friendship to t

that of Gustave Caillebotte Young man at his window (1876); the Cox Collection: The Story of Impressionism, Christie’s New York, November 11; estimate: around $ 50 million The most expensive work of the French painter of the Belle Époque Gustave Caillebotte to be auctioned this century, Young man at his window is likely to break […]

Jamia Millia Islamia Artist Shah Abul Fa...

Jamia Millia Islamia celebrates 101 years of its glorious existence with 101 internationally renowned artists. The idea behind the 15-day collective exhibition organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Jamia and inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Najma Akhtar at the MF Hussain Art Gallery on 29e October 2021 will bring all artists together on […]

Paterson debacle shows Johnson no longer...

Nobody doubted it, not even Boris Johnson. The attempt to save his friend Owen Paterson from a light sentence for a breach of the parliamentary code was a miserable failure. The Conservatives’ short-lived attempt to tear up the independent system of fighting parliamentary foolishness has been abandoned. After the Government U-turn MPs were due to […]