There are many top anime series that have reached a universal level of popularity, but very few manage to reach Akira Toriyama’s praise. Dragon Ball Z. dragonball continues to dominate in the anime industry, but its popularity and wide cast of powerful characters have also made it a fixture in the gaming industry.

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There are dozen Dragon Ball Z video gameswith even more on the way, and these titles have helped the anime thrive during its quieter times. Dragon Ball Z video games took a big leap forward in 2002 with the release of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, a great fighting game. the Budokai series had an undeniable impact on dragonballit’s the continuing legacy of video gaming, and there’s a lot about these games that gets overlooked.

ten There are 50 playable characters in the series

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Character Select

There are dozens of contrasts Dragon Ball Z video games that all offer somewhat unique experiences. However, there are so many similarities between the various entries in the fighting genre that the only major difference is in the characters that make the cut. The earlier dragonball video games run through the same powerful characters, but the Budokai series begins to experiment with less conventional fighters. There are over 50 playable characters across the Budokai series, many of which are playable for the first time and prove the value of using uncommon characters.

9 Special discs of animated content have been included with a burst limit

Games Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Goku Nappa Fight

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is a 2008 release that adds to the solid foundation that has been established through the many Budokai games and is still considered an extension of the fighting franchise. the Budokai the series has included fun bonuses and extras for the most dedicated fans, and Burst limit has a welcome addition. Some special editions of Burst limit for the PlayStation 3 included a Blu-Ray for the first one Dragon Ball Z movie, dead zone, while Xbox 360 owners were treated to the first disc of the first season’s “Orange Brick” DVD set.

8 PAL versions do not feature English duplicates

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Fight Vegito Buu

There is a lot of Dragon Ball Z games that originated in Japan but never received proper localized releases elsewhere in the world. Dragon Ball Z has become such a popular universal property that multi-region releases are now the norm. However, sometimes there are still differences between different versions of the same game.

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Curiously, although still present in the North American releases, the English dub track option ruffled feathers and was eventually dropped entirely for European releases. The European release of the PlayStation 2 for Budokai 2 originally had the English dub present, but it received such negative feedback that it was removed for the Gamecube’s European release.

7 There is an exclusive Japanese version of Budokai 2

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai V2 Cooler Costume Frieza Cell

Limited Collector’s Editions have become more extravagant, but there’s still a dedicated market for these special releases, especially when it comes to popular anime properties such as Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 improves on its predecessor, and Japan has decided to celebrate this release with a special edition, Dragon Ball Z2V. This special variant was only available in 2000 V jump readers and is quite a treasure. The differences here are fairly minor, but there are alternate costumes for Frieza to make him look like Cooler and Kuriza, as well as a scene that celebrates Akira Toriyama’s spin-off gag, Neko Majin Z.

6 It featured a brief return of the original Chi-Chi voice actor

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Chi-Chi Games

dragonball is currently in the midst of a renaissance period with new manga chapters releasing and a highly anticipated feature film on the way. However, there have been years when only new dragonball video games were coming out. There are times when a character-changing voice actor is inevitable, but it can always cause a rift in the fandom. Mayumi Sho was Chi-Chi’s original Japanese voice actress until she was eventually replaced by Naoko Watanabe. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai marks Sho’s return to the role for the first time since 1991 Cooler’s revenge. It’s incredibly nostalgic for longtime fans.

5 Budokai 3 clues to possible abandoned stories

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Cell Junior

The central story beats dragonball franchise have been covered multiple times across video game story modes. In order to create new content, the Budokai games functionality several “What if?” » alternative stories that push classic events in new directions and explore the consequences.

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Budokai 3 hints that even more alternative scenarios were on the table. Unlockable “Memories Of” voice files from Budokai 3it’s The Dragon Universe mode teases forsaken stories, like Goku growing his tail and transforming into Super Saiyan 4 against Kid Buu, a surviving Saibaman who aids heroes on Namek, and a Cell Junior who rebels against Cell.

4 Bulma was originally a playable character in Budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Vegeta catches Bulma

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo and most dragonballit’s the strongest characters are expected to make the cut in every fighting game. Over time, there has been more interest in the original characters, even those unfamiliar with martial arts. the Budokai The series is making great strides in this regard, and it’s great to be able to play as characters like Videl, Saibamen, or even failed fusion Veku. Proof in Budokai 3 indicates that Bulma was originally on the list, and behind-the-scenes features even show Tiffany Vollmer’s recording dialogue for the character. A playable Bulma is always in high demand.

3 He creates original “What If” characters and new fusions

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Tiencha

Dragon Ball Zit’s Budokai the series goes above and beyond in terms of representation through the many dragonball anime and movies. The games feature an unprecedented number of characters to explore, but Budokai also attempts to create original characters that debut in the fighting franchise. these original characters lean on fusion suitslike Gokule (Goku and Hercules) and Tiencha (Tien and Yamcha), but there is also a new version of Super Buu who absorbed Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, Tien and Yamcha. Budokai successfully testing the waters for more original characters in dragonball fighting games.

2 The Budokai Tenkaichi game is not considered part of the series

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Goku Ki Blast

2005 Dragon Ball Z fighting game, Budokai Tenkaichinaturally seems to be the continuation of the Budokai series due to their extremely similar naming convention. However, these series are totally different, apart from the fact that they are both Dragon Ball Z fighters. Budokaiit’s five base slices (or seven if Burst limit and infinite world are included) are developed by Dimps, establishing the franchise’s fast-paced gameplay. Budokai Tenkaichi is developed by Spike and charts its own course. In Japan, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi is called Dragon Ball Z: Sparks!which does a better job of delineating these franchises as separate entities.

1 The HD collection only includes Budokai 1 and 3

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Select Game

The gaming industry continues to move forward and there is growing interest in updated versions of previous hits that can now take advantage of modern technology. There are many old Dragon Ball Z games that would benefit from an HD remastercorn Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection is a little irregular. The 2012 version only collects the original Budokai and Budokai 3skipping the first suite, presenting Budokaithe story and Budokai 3it’s gameplay and mechanics. The quality of life changes are appreciated, but it still feels like a remastered collection that’s lacking in content.

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