Although Quentin Tarantino is best known for his quirky westerns and crime epics, the director actually helmed two unrealized Marvel projects. The famous author worked on screenplays for a Luke Cage movie and a Silver Surfer movie, but neither of them made it past the development stage. However, that doesn’t mean Tarantino can’t return to the superhero genre.

Redditors have long debated which superheroes would be the best choice for Tarantino. Given that the filmmaker is known for his over-the-top violence and colorful, profanity-laden dialogue, the choices are generally dark, brooding, and vengeful.



Catwoman talking to Batman.

Many directors have been attached to Batman over the years, and the ones that never happened are jaw-dropping, whether it’s Darren Aronofsky First year or Ben Affleck The Batman. But one of the few directors whose name hasn’t been mentioned in the same breath as the capped crusader in Hollywood is Tarantino.

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2001spaceoddessey think it’s blasphemy, and they have an interesting pitch for a Tarantino strikeout Batman. They want, “The Frank Miller Batman who doesn’t give a fuck anymore and will hunt down and pounce on victims like a fucking demon.” The closest fans ever could see it’s in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice when Batman literally marks people.

dead Pool

Given that Tarantino loves profanity and ultra-violence, not to mention a hobby for machetes, Deadpool is the obvious character for the director. Bipolar BearsRAWR is the first to mention the anti-hero, noting, “Half of Tarantino’s dialogue in the movies could already be said by Deadpool and it would feel natural.”

Whether debating the meaning of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” in reservoir dogs or even Aldo Raine’s “we’re in on the Nazi killer business” monologue in Inglourious Basterdsit could very well have come from the mouth of Wade Wilson. Deadpool 2 is the most successful x-men movie, but Dead Pool 3 will undoubtedly beat him as he will be part of the MCU. However, a trio directed by Tarantino could have made this a one-time-in-universe event movie.

Black Spider-Man

Spider-Man Noir has already hit the big screen in animated form, as he appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The character was voiced by Nicolas Cage, and the black-and-white character was the movie’s MVP, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a live-action portrayal of the superhero at the same time.

A Reddit user wants to see Tarantino’s take on Spider-Man Noir, and it’s a great choice that could lean heavily on Tarantino’s pulpy, sensationalized, and exploitative writing style. And while fans are already debating who could play Spider-Man Noir in the MCU, Tarantino could just cast Cage. Not only is the actor experiencing something of a renaissance, but after casting John Travolta in pulp Fiction and Kurt Russell in Proof of deathTarantino loves a back story.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight Egypt Wrestling

the Moon Knight The Disney+ series has just ended on Disney+, and at the moment it is a limited series and there are no plans for it to continue. And while Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight) only signed on for one season, it’s hard to believe the character won’t return in some form in the future.

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As the series was a huge departure from the comics, took great liberties with the character, and wasn’t half as violent as Moon Knight tends to be, this could have just been a prologue to a underwhelmed and excessively violent film. . A deleted user believes that, under Tarantino’s direction, “it would be so bloody!”


Will Smith talks to Jason Bateman at Hancock.

Hancock is a unique superhero film in the cinematic landscape. Of the dozens of superhero characters who have earned a blockbuster movie, Hancock is one of the few to have been created for the medium. The 2008 film is not based on a comic book or any other source material, but is actually an original character. Unidentified_remains wants to see Tarantino attempt to remake Hancock, postulating, “That movie was almost really good. QT could have pushed it over the top.”

The superhero is an alcoholic, hateful character who causes more destruction than he’s worth. Tarantino’s name is written on it. However, a soft reboot with Tarantino in the director’s chair might not work, as the filmmaker and Will Smith haven’t worked together in the past. Smith refused Django Unchained when Tarantino offered him the lead role, and although they tried to make it work, the actor left due to creative differences.

night wing

Dick Grayson Nightwing

While some Redditors want to see Tarantino take on Batman, Apathetic views makes a more astute observation, explaining, “He’d do a great job with Nightwing, actually.” A Tarantino-directed Batman would undoubtedly be amazing, but Nightwing would suit the filmmaker’s style much better.

Batman may be vengeful, a theme Tarantino loves more than any other filmmaker, but Nightwing is not only vengeful but sarcastic and much younger too. Tarantino’s humor wouldn’t quite work in a Batman movie, but Nightwing could easily be the director’s next vessel for sinister one-liners and pop culture references. A Nightwing movie could be another great Tarantino revenge film.


Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Cable is another anti-hero Redditors think Tarantino would be perfect for, especially beskinnyrollfatties. The Redditor posits, “He could really hit the whole time travel thing on the head. Just jump from present to future.”

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As Cable’s superpower is the ability to time travel, it would allow Tarantino to depict both the different time periods he has yet to explore and the ones he loves so much. The film could be part western, part war drama, part love letter to Hollywood. But better than that, since Tarantino hasn’t done a movie set these days since Kill Billit would be interesting to see how the director would portray the 2020s.


Charlie Cox as Daredevil Netflix

It seems Frank Miller material and Tarantino direction go hand in hand, because not only do Redditors think the comic book writer Batman material would suit Tarantino, but his daredevil stories too. A deleted user wants to see Tarantino daredevil and specifically notes, “Some of the Frank Miller stories from the 80s, I think? They were Shakespearian comics, Tarantino would do those stories so much justice.”

While the years 2003 daredevil is underrated, he would have been far more successful in Tarantino’s hands. And as the MCU prepares for some kind of daredevil content, whether it’s a Disney+ movie or series, getting Tarantino on board in some capacity would be a dream come true, even if he just directed an episode of a Disney+ show.

The mask

Jim Carrey as The Mask showing a money fan in front of the club in The Mask

It’s no surprise that the director’s fans think he’d be a great fit to direct both. The mask and dead Pool, because the two superheroes have a lot of similarities. No one wants to see a film directed by Tarantino The mask more … than cuddling monkey, who notes the number of similarities between the material and Tarantino’s other works. The Redditor argues, “Tarantino is known for his larger-than-life characters and his violence. He’s also very much into revenge.”

However, just as with Hancocklike in 1994 The mask already exists, a soft reboot under the direction of Tarantino certainly wouldn’t work. Jim Carrey, who plays Stanley in the original film, spoke at length about his disdain for violent movies, so he’s probably not a fan of Tarantino’s work.

Bluntman and chronicle

bluntman and chronic jay and silent bob strikes back

A deleted user wants to see Tarantino take on Bluntman and Chronic, who are fictional superhero characters in the world of ViewAskewniverse, a shared universe of Kevin Smith films. Bluntman and Chronic are modeled after Jay and Silent Bob, and the fictional heroes have a whole lore built around them in Jay and Silent Bob strike back and Jay and Silent Bob reboot.

Since Smith and Tarantino have a similar sense of humor, and Smith never shied away from vulgar humor and violence, Bluntman and Chronic could be a perfect sandbox for Tarantino. Not only that, but according to cinema mixTarantino is a huge fan of the ViewAskewniverse, and since they are the most obscure superheroes of all time, if Tarantino were to make a superhero movie, it would be Bluntman and Chronicle.

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