Heat is a spectacular standalone crime film, and no one would have ever thought a sequel would be in development, but there it is, writer-director Michael Mann has confirmed. Heat 2 plans. It’s unclear exactly what direction the sequel might be heading in (although the sequel to the novel coming out in September will shed some light on that), but it’s exciting nonetheless.

The 1990s are a treasure trove of gripping standalone crime films, and Heat isn’t the only one that deserves a sequel. Between a forgotten gangster classic starring Christopher Walken, a low-key story of a retired hitman, and a period drama about a genius con man, their sequels could be even better.


The King of New York (1990)

Frank White (Christopher Walken) in King of New York

Christopher Walken has always been an eccentric actor, whether it’s his cameo in Annie Hall like Duane, a speed racer with a death wish, or his career-ending golden performance as dognapper Hans in Seven Psychopaths. But when it comes to playing mob boss Frank White in The King of New York, the eccentric actor plays it surprisingly straight. With the exception of his hair and a dance he shares with his gang, the character has almost no quirkiness, but that’s what makes it one of Walken’s most standout performances.

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At the end of the film, it’s safe to assume that Frank dies after being injured by a police officer who shoots him. But other movie characters have come back from much worse. A sequel could follow Frank still in command of New York, and it could see how the death of his right-hand man, Jump, has affected operations. There’s no better movie for Walken at this point in his career than The King of New York 2which could see him return to his most neglected and low-key role ever.

Leon: The Professional (1994)

Mathilda by Leon the Professional cries

Leon: the professional is one of the best movies about a likable hitman because it’s packed with high-octane action and a surprising amount of heat. The 1994 film ended with the death of the assassin, but there is a clear way for a sequel to happen.

Throughout the film, Leon (Jean Reno) teaches 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman) to become a trained slayer, and since it’s been 28 years since the film, this 12-year-old would be around 40 by now. , about the same age as Leon. And since Mathilda was played by Portman, she obviously became an amazing actress and could easily reprise her role. The sequel could see the character as an established hitman herself, continuing Leon’s work, and it could be called Mathilda: the professional.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Mr Pink shoots the cops in Reservoir Dogs

Everyone dies in 1992 reservoir dogs except for one character, Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi). Pink escaped from the bloodbath warehouse with the briefcase of diamonds, but no one knows what happened to her after that. He could have gotten caught or he could have gotten away with it, but surely he also had plenty of people to answer to to follow the events of the film.

There are so many crossovers between the 1992 film and pulp Fiction, whether it’s that Vic and Vincent Vega are brothers or the theory that Buddy Holly’s waiter is Mr. Pink. But this is just speculation and fans need a proper sequel.

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson

Like almost all films written by Shane Black, The long goodnight kiss casts a troubled private detective with an unlikely teammate. In this case, it is an amnesiac teacher (Geena Davis) who tries to find her identity. The film has one of Black’s best mysteries, and the ending hints that Mitch (Samuel L. Jackson) has a thriving career after the events of the film. And it would be great to see Jackson return in a non-Marvel original crime film set in modern times.

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It almost seems like Black is cursed, as all of his movies hint at sequels in the final moments, but as far as fans want them, they never happen. Most Recently Released Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The good ones the two hinted at more adventures with their respective private eyes, but, likely due to disappointing box office receipts, they never surfaced.

Jackie Brown (1997)

Jackie Brown walking through the airport.

Quentin Tarantino fans often talk about the reservoir dogs and pulp Fiction crossover sequel that never happened or the Django/Zorro after. But Jackie Brown is one of the most watchable crime movies of the 90s that could have an incredible sequel. Things end well for Jackie (Pam Grier), as she plans a trip to Madrid, but after so many years she could very well have returned to a life of crime.

ATF agent Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) returns in the 1998 film Out of sight, which confirms that they’re both set in the same cinematic universe, but it’s far from a sequel. However, Ray could work with Jackie again. After all, she became a rat in the original movie, which is the worst thing a criminal could do, and she must have someone who wants her dead after double-crossing so many people.

Jack’s New Town (1991)

Jack’s New Town follows the cat-and-mouse chase between police detective Scotty Appleton (Ice-T) and cocky drug kingpin Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes). Nino is sentenced to a year in prison at the end of the film, but he is then fatally shot. The film is a commentary on the justice system’s failed attempts to bring down real criminals like Nino, as the epilogue indicates that more action needs to be taken to bring down drug dealers.

Just because Nino is killed doesn’t mean the drug lord’s business is slowing down, and a sequel could follow the events of Jack’s New Town with a new drug lord taking Nino’s place and Appleton again trying to bring him down. The sequel could be a period crime drama, just like the first movie, set in the late 80s. With the right director attached, a New Jack Town 2 might be one of the few sequels much better than their predecessors.

The Rock (1996)

Nicolas Cage looks worried in The Rock

Lots of Nicolas Cage movies should have sequels, like the Ridiculous Action Movie Front/Off. But the one who deserves it the most is The rock, which may follow the return of Dr. Stanley Goodspeed (Cage) to the FBI. But, more than anything, it could determine once and for all whether SAS Captain John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery) is really James Bond.

Cage is having something of a renaissance in Hollywood right now, so 26 isn’t too late, and it’s actually the perfect time. The film could see Goodspeed as a grizzled and wary agent, just like Mason was in the original film.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Tom, Dickie and Marge watch off camera

The Talented Mr. Ripley features a villainous protagonist, as the titular character (Matt Damon) uses his genius to lure his peers into a false sense of security, kill them, and steal their identities. By the end of the film, Tom Ripley pulls it off and gets away with everything, and it’s hinted that he’s moving on to another meticulous crime.

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There have been other films that portray Mr. Ripley, such as those from 2002 Ripley’s Game, but there was never a direct sequel to the 1999 film. Damon is as popular and bankable an actor as he was then, if not more so, so a sequel with him reprising the role of Mr. Ripley could perfectly function. Audiences won’t even need to have seen the original film, as they’ll be following the career criminal working on an all-new scam.

Hard Eight (1996)

Filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson wrote and directed instant classics, such as the melodramatic epic Magnolia and western drama there will be blood. But his very first film, hard eight, is a low-key classic about a retired hitman, Sydney (Philip Baker Hall), protecting a homeless man, John (John C. Reilly), whom he took in and raised as his own. The film ends in a bloodbath, as Sydney kills a man who threatened his livelihood, and he simply sits down in a restaurant before the film fades to black.

As is the case with most films directed by Anderson, audiences wonder what happened next for themselves. A sequel could answer a lot of audience questions, especially since John is now much closer to Sydney’s age and would surely have some stories to tell. It would be the perfect film to also honor Philip Baker Hall, who has just passed away.

Menace Society II (1993)

Caine and O-Dog on the block

Society Threat II is one of the grittier crime dramas of the 1990s, and it’s known for its depiction of drugs and violence. However, it is not done in an entertaining way, but rather a parable and a cautionary tale. A sequel could focus on a new generation of teenagers in the crime-ridden Jordan Downs housing project.

The film could follow a whole new cast of characters as they attempt to learn stories from their elders, much like Caine (Tyrin Turner) was still mindful of his parents’ deaths in the first film. O-Dog (Larenz Tate) was one of the few characters to survive in Society Threat IIand he could serve as the eldest statesman and teach the new generation about his troubled past, as he never looked back on his violent crimes in the first movie.

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