Going around and promoting the upcoming comedy The unbearable weight of massive talentNicolas Cage revealed that he would love to do Face/Stop 2. Cage’s take on the hypothetical sequel has fans so excited, but there are so many other films in the quirky actor’s filmography that should get the sequel treatment as well.

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Cage is clearly not a fan of sequels, as he’s only directed a few in his 40-year career, but many of his movies leave room for a follow-up and have so much potential. As audiences enjoy something of a Cage renaissance, Massive talent getting him the best reviews of his career, now is a better time than ever for a sequel or two of his best films.


Face/Off (1997)

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Nicolas Cage with a golden gun in Face Off

Front/Off is one of the first movies that saw Cage deliver a performance as eccentric as 1988’s vampire kiss on such a large scale. The movie has been memorized to death, but behind all the internet jokes is a jaw-dropping action movie directed by John Woo with such a unique premise.

The film follows an FBI agent who switches faces with a criminal mastermind to infiltrate the underworld. And with a box office haul of nearly $250 million, it proved that Cage’s more particular performances in blockbuster movies work amazingly well. And in an epic Reddit AMA, Cage actually revealed that he would be willing to reprise his role for Face/Stop 2 with a straight “yes”.

Con Air (1997)

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Nic Cage winks at someone in Con Air.

Cage had an incredible 1997, as did Front/Offthe actor helmed another hit action movie, Air conditioning. The film had an equally ridiculous premise as the face-changing film, as it follows a group of convicts being airlifted to another prison. The actor plays Cameron Poe, and his performance is both melodramatic and over-the-top heroic.

The 1997 film doesn’t exactly call for a sequel, as Poe’s story wraps perfectly with his reunion with his family. However, although most of the inmates are apprehended by the credits, serial killer Garland Greene escapes and a sequel could see Poe recruited to track down the “Marietta Mangler”.

Snake Eyes (1998)

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Directed by Brian DePalma Snake-eyes is one of the most underrated murder mystery films of all time, as it sees both actor and director at the top of their games. The thriller is full of multi-minute tracking shots, and Cage plays an unpredictable, sloppy detective perfectly.

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The film has DNA strands similar to die hard, as it follows a cop completely out of his element taking on something so much bigger than himself. And it should have followed the same root as the film starring Bruce Willis in being the start of a franchise. A Snake eyes 2 could have seen Rick Santoro (Cage) tackle another murder mystery that he must piece together and find Julia.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

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The President talks to Ben in National Treasure Book of Secrets

national treasure 3 has apparently been in development hell ever since Book of Secrets, because there have been so many updates and broken promises over the past 15 years. The adventure series is so unique in today’s cinematic landscape, and there are no franchises quite like it, even though Unexplored does his best. Unfortunately, in the same AMA that Cage gave fans hope that a Face/Stop 2 could happen is bittersweet because he also dismissed the idea of ​​another national treasure film.

However, even though Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) is unlikely to appear, fans of the franchise, in general, have the Disney+ spin-off show to look forward to. But Cage could be tricking fans into telling them he’s done with the movies, and since he’s playing the titular character who’s set to return for the Disney+ series, it’s possible the actor will reprise his role on the TV show.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

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Nic Cage transforms into Ghost Rider in Spirit of Vengeance.

2007 ghost rider wasn’t anything to get excited about, and it was critical and hated by fans. Somehow Sony didn’t learn from the film’s reception and reviews, as it doubled down on all its issues with the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. However, there’s one constant in the series that keeps them from being unreachable, and that’s the cage at its fullest.

Cage plays Johnny Blaze, who literally turns into a fiery skeleton. With a great script, decent direction, and enough time and money behind the digital effects, a ghost rider threequel with Cage behind the handlebars could be a visual spectacle. But even if that doesn’t happen, Cage is rumored to make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2.

Adaptation (2002)

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The low-budget artistic film Adaptation may not be the first movie starring Cage that fans think needs a sequel, but Adaptation 2 might work better than any other. The film, in addition to being an adaptation of the non-fiction book The Orchid Thiefis a very meta film about Charlie Kaufman (Cage), who is the real screenwriter of the 2002 release.

Being notably meta, follows Charlie struggling to write the very movie that audiences watch. The movie is about writer’s block and how Charlie doesn’t want the third act to end in a gunfight, which is exactly what happens. While there are so many deeper themes in the meta drama, a sequel would be so fitting with the theme of Charlie struggling to get on the same page as the studio because it could see the studio trying to get him written. The Orchid Thief 2.

Grindhouse (2007)

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female werewolves of the ss

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The movie would normally look ridiculous, but according to some of his 2010s projects, it’s a typical Cage movie, like Werewolf Women talks about Hitler’s attempt to create a race of superwomen. One of the other fake movie trailers, Machetewasn’t just made into a feature film, but it also got a sequel, and it would have been great to see the Cage-directed trailer come to life as well.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

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NIC Cage standing in the garage in Gone in 60 Seconds.

2001 The fast and the furious led to a zeitgeist in the 2000s as it was the start of a huge street racing phenomenon, but the petrolhead action craze started a year earlier with I’m going in 60 seconds. The film follows a retired master car thief who is forced to steal fifty cars in a single night.

Although the film is one of the lowest-rated Cage films on Rotten Tomatoes, it has its candor, and there are even car enthusiasts who have had their Porsche 996s and Ford Shelby GT500s restored to look like the ones in the film. . With the Fast and Furious with movies less and less about cars, there is a demand for action racing movies that no studio is currently supplying, but Gone in 60 seconds 2 could be this movie itself.

Drive Angry (2011)

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John Milton walks away from an explosion in Drive Angry.

As casting announcements come fast furious movies have become like events, and fans have their own opinions on who should be cast in a Fast movie, Cage tops the list. No one has a better resume than the quirky actor, and he’s arguably overqualified for the show. In the same way I’m going in 60 seconds, driving angry is another action movie driven by American muscle.

The film follows a father who escapes hell and seeks revenge on the people who killed his daughter. The film ends with Milton (Cage) returning to Hell, but he threatens to escape again, teasing a sequel. And a sequel was even in development. According to We have this coverAmber Heard and Cage had agreed to return for a Drive angry 2.

The Rock (1996)

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Nic Cage holding the flares in The Rock.

Directed by Michael Bay The rock sees FBI agent Stanley Goodspeed become former SAS Captain John Mason’s unlikely protege as they attempt to stop terrorists on Alcatraz, and it’s one of the best action movies in years. 90. But at 26, it might be too little too late if The Rock 2 was released today.

However, Cage is almost the age that John Mason was in the original film, so he could see Goodspeed acting more like a seasoned, grizzled, troubled FBI agent, much like Mason was a seasoned, troubled SAS captain. In addition to this, with Ambulance being something of a return to form for Bay, and with Cage enjoying a renaissance with Pork and Massive talentthere’s no better time for a sequel than now.

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