Esad Ribić started making waves at Marvel Comics when he illustrated the critically acclaimed 2004 miniseries Loki, and he’s been a powerful performer ever since. Ribić has worked on numerous projects at Marvel, exploring both the covers and interiors of some of the greatest stories Marvel Comics has ever published.

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Ribić’s art has been the focus of significant collaborations with many great comic book writers, including J. Michael Straczynski, Jonathon Hickman, and Jason Aaron. Ribić has illustrated many comic book covers that have caught the eye of any comic book consumer browsing the shelves of a library or comic book store.

ten VS was Esad Ribić’s first project at Image

Most of Esad Ribić’s comics were based at Marvel Comics. In 2018, Ribić ventured into his first designer-owned project for Image, with the 5-issue series VERSUSin collaboration with writer Ivan Brandon.

In the world of VERSUS, war has become a spectator sport and soldiers fight to the death, pursuing both glory and notoriety. This 5-issue series is a darkly humorous satire that explores how the desire for fame is a road that often leads to self-destruction. Funny and disturbing, it’s also a perfect showcase for Ribic’s gripping work, which depicts an intriguing sci-fi planet where anything can happen.

9 Conan the Barbarian: Exodus explores one of the first anti-hero adventuresConan the Barbarian Exodus Esad Ribic

Conan the Barbarian: Exodus is a one-shot released by Marvel in 2019, and is both written and illustrated by Esad Ribić. The question has since been collected in the trade paperback Conan: Exodus and Other Tales. The story explores a 15-year-old Conan as he embarks on his first journey outside his homeland of Cimmeria.

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The question has virtually no dialogue, leaving Esad Ribić’s art to explore the story. It tells his visual story through bloody battles, breathtaking landscapes, and stoic moments where Ribić’s rendering of Conan’s facial features perfectly conveys everything the barbarian feels without the need for accompanying words.

8 Ribić’s Bow Stands Out in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-ForceUncanny X-Force Esad Ribic

The Strange X-Force is about a covert secret team of mutants assembled to perform tasks deemed too dirty for the X-Men to take on. Rick Remender wrote the first volume of the series (#1-35) and Esad Ribić created the cover art for much of the series. However, there is a story arc, Deathlok Nation, where Ribić also took care of the interior artwork.

In this arc, Ribić’s colors jump off the page as the mutants do battle against the evil Robot Avengers from the future. Arrows fly in a brutal battle between the two sides of super-powered individuals, whose colorful costumes stand out against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountain, the perfect showcase for this brilliant work of art.

seven Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates features some of Ribić’s most cutting-edge worksThe Ultimate Esad Ribic Jonathon Hickman

As part of the relaunch of the Marvel branch of Ultimate Comics, they released an ongoing series titled Ultimate Comics: The Ultimate, written by Jonathon Hickman with illustrations by Esad Ribić. The comic follows Nick Fury, Thor, and Iron Man as they attempt to defeat a new group of enemies, the Children of Tomorrow.

Esad Ribić illustrates well the despair of the characters as they reach their lowest point. Through Ribić’s cinematic panels, we see the irreversible destruction of Asgard, as well as the deaths of millions at the hands of an evil Reed Richards and the Children of Tomorrow.

6 Submariner: The Depths was Ribić’s second Marvel Knights projectEsad Ribic Deep Sea Submarine

The second of two projects illustrated by Esad Ribić under the Marvel Knights imprint, Submarine: The Depths is a five-issue limited series written by Peter Milligan and published in 2008. The comic centers on a submarine crew as they attempt to find the mysterious lost city of Atlantis.

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Along the way, the captain and crew are haunted by their own superstitions. Ribić’s use of shadows and silhouettes adds a layer of mystery to Namor himself. Peering into the dark corners of the ship, the captain has no idea if Namor is really there, or if his fear is causing him to hallucinate an inhuman presence.

5 Loki takes the throne of Asgard in his own miniseriesLoki takes over Asgard Esad Ribic

Before Loki ran for president, became the Sorcerer Supreme, and otherwise transformed into the beloved anti-hero he is today, writer Robert Rodi and Esad Ribić revolutionized the character with their four-issue limited series where Loki takes over Asgard.

At the start of the first issue, we see Loki in front of Ribić’s magnificent portrait of the Asgardian throne, standing above a chained Thor. Reading the book is reminiscent of flipping through a book of Renaissance paintings as Ribić expertly portrays Rodi’s story of Loki’s victory over Asgard.

4 Eternals has been nominated for multiple Eisner AwardsEternals Fighting Thanos Esad Ribic

Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribić recently completed the second volume of their 12-issue series Eternals, where Ribić was nominated for a 2022 Eisner Award for Best Pencil. The series is set after the events of Jason Aaron’s Avengers, the story that killed the Eternals.

Phastos was the first Eternal who was resurrected and discovered that every time an Eternal regains life, a human life is lost in return. Throughout the series, Ribić paints many epic battles that take place between the immortal Eternals, crescendoing into an epic showdown with the Deviant Titan Thanos.

3 Silver Surfer: Requiem explores the death of the Silver SurferSilver-Surfer-Requiem-Esad-Ribic-1

Released in 2008 under the Marvel Knights imprint, writer J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribić created the four-issue limited series Silver Surfer: Requiem. Ribić’s first project under Marvel Knights, this story follows Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer, after he discovers he is dying without a cure.

During the Surfer’s travels, readers have seen many absolutely stunning panels of the cosmos, as well as Ribić’s version of several other cosmic Marvel characters. The beauty and the sadness of the work perfectly reflect a hero who discovers the meaning that his life had.

2 Secret Wars, one of Marvel’s most ambitious crossover eventsDoctor Doom Secret Wars Esad Ribic

Dozens of comics across several different comic series, including avengers, New Avengers, The Fantastic Fourand FF all related to Jonathan Hickman’s magnum opus Secret Wars (2015). Esad Ribić led the art for this massive story and was responsible for drawing the beautiful multi-versal landscapes that make up Battleworld.

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Following the collision of multiple universes, Doctor Doom is able to retrieve fragments from multiple universes and create Battleworld, where he crowns himself God Emperor Doom. Throughout the narrative, the art draws readers in just as much as the intricate story. Although the book is full of beautiful interpretations of iconic characters and strange worlds, Ribić also creates tension and intrigue with his minimalist art. Ribić ends the first issue with nothing more than a glimpse of Doctor Doom’s mask, and it’s one of the most interesting panels in a story filled with engaging artwork.

1 Aaron and Ribić’s run helped inspire Thor: Love and ThunderThor God of Thunder by Esad Ribic

In 2012 Jason Aaron began a monumental and critically acclaimed run in Thorspanning over 60 issues spread over multiple series, and it all started with Esad Ribić in Thor: god of thunder #1. Here, Ribić’s art depicts an epic story as Thor uncovers a trail of dead gods leading him to Gorr The God Butcher, who travels back in time to fight Thors from three very different time periods.

The latest installment of the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder draws heavily on Ribić’s work on this series, even copying a plan exactly from a panel made by Ribić. The comics and movies are visual mediums and this is one of the best examples of near-perfect comic art coming into the MCU.

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